Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dogs and Water (Nils Anders)

Another Scandinavian artist (like Jason) with a sense for simplicity. Dogs and Water tells the tale of a possibly post-apocalyptic desert wasteland where a man with a backpack is journeying. He runs into an assortment of characters in the wasteland, all of them out looking for different things, not finding them. He converses with his sole companion, a teddy bear. He eventually stumbles upon a crashed helicopter, lodged in the side of a massive pipeline. The pilot is dying, and lies on the ground beside the pipeline. He begs the backpacked man to shoot him. The story is about desperation, loss, confusion, desire, and ultimately solitude, all favourable themes in my book. The artist chooses not to use the traditional boxes to divide scenes, instead allowing the images and the words to float in space like debris.

Not for all tastes, although those who adore the book will find comparisons to David Lynch and Gus Van Sant.

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