Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Trial of Colonel Sweeto (Nick Gurewich)

Gurewich is the modern day Gary Larson, except Larson’s body of work far exceeds Gurewich’s, and Gurewich is way dirtier and crueler. Whereas Larson’s jungle explorers get picked off by giant insects and wave their arms frantically about staring eyes, Gurewich’s undetailed expressions are on one hand subtly menacing, mean-spirited, or malicious and on the other hand the opposite of all those three. Plus there’s a whole lot of fucking. The true genius to Gurewich, though, is his ability to snap between drawing styles seamlessly. One week it could be an Edward Gorey tribute, and the next week it’s a Bill Keane parody. I’m still most partial to Gurewich’s own style, but the breadth of his talent is staggering. AND HE’S ONLY 27!

The trial of Colonel Sweeto is the be-all-end-all collection of Gurewich's indefinitely hiatus'd webcomic, Perry Bible Fellowship. It's a shame that in today's market, the recognition of talent and genius is more often what causes artists to stop in their tracks, as opposed to being what spurs them on to create and create. I suppose it's a product of many artists using their successful medium as a portal to what they really want to show the world. Whether that's a singer turned actor. Or an actor turned photographer. Or what have you.

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